One stop fitness for your well-being

One stop fitness for your well-being




Phase 1-2 of the Optimum Program Training can be done at home or anywhere.
Phase 3-4 needs gym equipment to support your goals (home or commercial gym). I’m
afraid I do not have my own gym studio.

Unfortunately, there isn’t result guarantee, it depends on your adherence to do exercise

It depends on your goals and our schedule availability


It can be online and offline

No I will not, I am a nutrition coach, I only give you the guidance for your diets

No, You cannot, you need to see registered dietitian for that.

Unfortunately there isn’t a results guarantee, it depends on your adherence to your diet
and exercise program.

Sport Massage

I can visit your place (outcall) or you can visit my condo apartment. Outcalls will incur an
additional transportation charge.

No. The massage is suitable for anyone provided you have no contraindications from your physician such as heart conditions, skin issues, blood pressure issues etc.

No. The masseur will be wearing clothes, which is comfortable to give you a good massage.

No, I donʼt do any sexual services. Professional services only.

You could choose to be partially naked or fully naked for Deep Tissue Massage and will be covered by towel

Itʼs not a problem.itʼs normal for men. It doesnʼt matter if you are gay, bi, or straight, but it just happens sometimes. No worries and just relax.

100% pure oil with a few drops of lavender oil. Sometimes mixed with jojoba oil or/and other essential oils. Please indicate if you have any specific allergies to essential oils.

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